Cape May at a glance

Brief History

Cape May is a small town situtated at the southern most point in Cape May County, New Jersey. Take a stroll through and you'll feel like you and went back in time. It is mainly a summer time attraction and somewhat sleepy during the winter; although, this is a favorite time for many. But once Memorial Weekend hits, it is bustling once again!


People starting flocking here during the 1700's. They would visit via train from Philadelphia. And the visitors haven't stopped yet!

It was this attraction that essentially created what is now the famed Jersey Shore. And you'll be hard-pressed to find another shore town offering the look-and-feel and history. Actually, you won't find another Jersey Shore town like it!


Some people wonder...where exactly is this town located? It is basically the penisula sticking out of the southern tip of New Jersey (the tail looking thing).

The eastern side borders the Atlantic Ocean and the western side (more deserted) borders the Delaware Bay. Both offer great swimming, fishing, and relaxing!

If you venture over to the western side, there is this little spot called Sunset Beach...the sunsets are unbelievable! There the sun just melts into the water!

Sunset at Sunset Beach

What It's All About

The town is laid-back and friendly. If you stay near the center of town, you can pretty much find anything you need within a few blocks.

If it is night or day...there is always something to do. Take a nice walk on the boardwalk to feel the warm summer breeze and listen to the crashing waves. Walk along Washington Street to do some shopping. Kick-back at one of the local bars for something cold to sip on. Or just do what many people do..veg out on the beach!

Good Spots

One of our favorite hang-outs is outside at the Lobster House Restaurant. If you like raw bars and cold drinks...dock-side is the place to be! If not...go inside for a great meal.

You like miniature golf? There is a great place near Jackson Street and Beach Drive called Ocean Putt! It offers the 'old school' know...the ones with the windmills, the metal loop, and such. It's pretty cool and always packed!

But many people just come just to sight-see. This town offers great history all throughout. From the Mansion to Congress Hall to the Lighthouse to all the Victorian homes along the streets.

So go ahead and enjoy all of what Cape May, New Jersey has to offer!!

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