Cape May Travel

Cape May Travel - Depending on where you are traveling from, there are various options getting to Cape May.

Cape May Air Travel

If you are traveling a far distance and need to fly, there are several airports you can choose.

The closest airport is the Atlantic City International Airport. This is a smaller scale airport that may or may not be an option for you, because not every airline has flights here. They only have a few gates and limited daily flights; however, sometimes it’s cheaper to fly through this airport than any other. If you happen to get a flight into this airport, the car ride to Cape May is approximately 30-40 minutes. This would be your shortest drive.

Cape May Air Travel

A second option is the Philadelphia International Airport. This is one of the larger airports in the country, so you should be able to find a flight. The car ride will take approximately 2 hours from this airport.

And a third option is the Newark International Airport. Newark is located in close proximity to New York City. This too, is a large international airport, and you should be able to find a flight. With no traffic, the car ride will also take approximately 2 hours; however, it could take 3+ hours with traffic. I don’t know if you want this during your Cape May travel.

Your best option would be to fly into the Atlantic City International Airport, if you can. Secondly, look to the Philadelphia International Airport. And your last option for Cape May travel should be the Newark International Airport.

Cape May Car Travel

Well, given the location of Cape May, car travel here is relatively simple because it’s one main road in and one main road out. And that main road would be the Garden State Parkway. The Parkway runs along New Jersey’s entire easterly border. Just get to the Parkway and head south and it runs you directly into Cape May, literally.

Cape May Car Travel

Philadelphia and West

Wherever you may be coming from around Philadelphia, there are three roadways that will lead you into the Garden State Parkway, and all of the roadways start in New Jersey. Each roadway starts about 10 miles from the Walt Whitman Bridge. The roads are State Route 55, U.S. Route 322, and the Atlantic City Expressway.

Normally, the quickest way is the Atlantic City Expressway. This is a toll road; however, you’ll only hit one toll. Hop on this road and follow signs to the Garden State Parkway. Once on the Parkway, head south and don’t get off until you literally drive right into Cape May.

The 2nd best way, in my opinion, is U.S. Route 322. This is a slower road then the Atlantic City Expressway, yet literally runs parallel to the Expressway. Probably a mile or so apart the entire way down. U.S. 322 has a speed limit around 55 mph. There are traffic lights all the way down. It won’t be that much different timing from the Expressway. If you hear the Expressway is jammed, take U.S. 322 and you’ll be much happier. Takes this until you see signs for the Garden State Parkway. On the Parkway, head south and don’t get off.

The last option should be State Route 55. State Route 55 is a 2 lane highway with a speed limit of 65 mph. Which is all well and good, until Route 55 turns into one lane for the 2nd half of the trip. This can be a bear! If traffic gets backed up here, you could be stop and go for 30 miles. But, if you choose this way…guess what…don’t get off until you see signs for the Parkway. Take the Parkway south and don’t get off. There is a pattern here.

Delaware and South

If you are coming from Delaware or south, I would take the Cape May Lewes Ferry. You pick it up in Lewes, Delaware and can drive you car on and have it with you for your trip. I don’t know how to get to Lewes, DE from the south, so you have to look that up yourself. Once you get on the Cape May ferry, it only has one stop and will drop you off in Cape May. Then you can drive off the ferry and be on your merry way.

New York and North

Just get on the Garden State Parkway, head south, and don't get off.

So, I hope you head down and have a good Cape May travel! See ya there!

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