Cape May Beach

The Cape May Beach!

Let’s be honest…most times the beach is the main attraction.

And the Cape May beach is no different!

New Jersey or better known as The Jersey Shore, is known for having some of the best beaches around. If you don’t like sitting and relaxing on one…just the atmosphere is worth going for.

The laid back style, water, sand, sun, flip-flops, and people are out and about. You gotta love it! This is why so many people love vacation and a big reason people come to Cape May.

Cape May Beach 2

The Locations

As you may know, Cape May is the southern tip of New Jersey. Thus, its beaches practically wrap around that tip.

The Atlantic Ocean side offers the waves and the typical sand. The Delaware Bay side offers more tame water and a bit more of a rocky shoreline (larger stones, not really rocks), but great sunsets!

There are some different names for various locations here, but really, we’re gonna lump them into (3) areas. The Atlantic Ocean Side, Cape May Point, and Sunset Beach.

Atlantic Ocean Side

The Atlantic Ocean side offers sand that runs through your toes with your typical ocean waves. The waves generally aren’t very big in New Jersey, probably averaging 1’ to 3’ throughout the year. They could creep up to 3’ to 6’ if a storm is brewing, though. So needless to say, surf-a-holics just get out there for the kicks of being on a surfboard rather than trying to conquer a massive wave. But for small kids and older folk who just want to have fun, the waves are great.

The enjoyable sand makes it a great place for all sorts of activities including paddle-ball, wiffle-ball, having a catch with a football or baseball, or just plain relaxing. People will set up their ‘shops’ like it's their own….umbrellas, cribs, coolers, blankets, towels, food, and fun. Be careful on coolers though, these are public areas and no alcohol is permitted.

The sounds you’ll hear are like no other. The waves crashing, kids laughing, people talking, the blowing wind, and of course the seagulls squawking. Yup…that’s when you know you have reached the shore…a herd of seagulls all over the place. Just watch your food!

Dolphins generally frequent the waters close to the shoreline. It is likely that you’ll see them swimming most days. It’s a great spectacle when they swim by, sometimes a few or sometimes a whole school. But they always seem to make you smile. There are various tours throughout the area that will take you on a boat-ride in search of them.

Cape May Point Beach

We are talking about the beach along the Cape May Point State Park area.

You can access this by parking in the park’s parking lot. Once you park, you'll see a wooden walk-way that will lead the way. The beach area directly in front of the park gets the most people; however, it is less crowded then at the actual Cape May beach.

The ocean here is a bit rougher. This is closer to where the ocean meets the bay, so you do get stronger currents and rougher seas. Do be careful if you jump in these waters.

If you are looking for a quiet and relaxed day, away from the crowds, walk down the beach a bit and you’ll see there will be less and less people. Once you get to an area you like, plop down and you’ll be at peace for the majority of the day.

Beach Tags

As previously mentioned, all of the Cape May beaches are public. Thus, beach tags are required for individuals ages 12 and up. They offer daily, weekly, and yearly fees. Check out the fees here.

But whatever you do, enjoy the Cape May beach!

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