Wildwood Boardwalk

Ok…so this isn’t in Cape May, but the Wildwood Boardwalk is close enough and one of the largest attractions in the area. This place has it all! From games, to food, to rides, to shopping, to people of all types. If you’re ready for an amped up time…the Wildwood, New Jersey boardwalk is the place to be. It is an oversized carnival with rides you’ll find at a corporate amusement park. Food people wait all year to eat. And views people talk about for a long time.

The entire Wildwood Boardwalk is approximately 2 miles long and offers several piers. The majority of activity is right in the middle of it. Both far ends of the boardwalk don’t offer much, except for the boards. But the activity stretches for large portions of the boardwalk, so no matter where you are at, either rides, games, food, or shopping is never far away.

Wildwood People New


Parking is fairly easy at the Wildwood boardwalk. All along the boardwalk are parking lots you can find. If you happen to find parking at one of the far ends, you can always take the Tram-Car if the walk may be too far for you. Yup, “W-W-W-Watch the Tram-Car please.” If you are unfamiliar with the Tram-Car, this is basically a shuttle that travels along the entire length of the boardwalk. If you want to get on it, just wave your arm and it should stop for you.

Most of the parking lots are on the smaller scale, but if one says full, just head over to the next one you can find.

Also, there is street parking available. This is the cheaper method, but you will most likely end up parking further away from the boardwalk.

The Games

They have every game you can imagine and really have too many games to mention, but some of the games include basketball, water pistols, trying to knock blocks off a platform, ring toss, wheel spins, frogs, throwing a softball in a basket, and many more.

These games will be lined along the boarwalk near the piers and some will be on the piers. Most games are tough to win at, so be careful because your money can go fast!

Wildwood Rides

The Rides

They also have just about every ride you can imagine! From a wooden rollercoaster, steel rollercoasters, ferris wheel, log flume, all spin rides, all kid rides, go-carts, water rides, bungee, monster truck rides, and many more! To get on the rides you need to buy tickets. Each ride has a different ticket amount. They have ticket booths throughout most piers. The piers are where the rides are located. You have the option to buy single tickets, get books of tickets, or get an all day/night pass.


There are a lot of shops along the boardwalk. The majority of these shops offer similar things like t-shirts with different sayings, necklaces, beachwear, all the stuff you might expect. It’s fun to go through them to see what they offer. You can haggle with the folks that own the shops too.


Ice cream, candy, pizza, boardwalk fries, restaurants, funnel cake, and everything else you’ve ever seen at carnival/amusement parks. It’s so good yet so bad at the same time! But if you’re on the boardwalk, might as well do everything it offers. One of our traditions is the boardwalk fries with vinegar and pizza!

The Wildwood Boardwalk is highly recommended!!

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