Cape May Kids - Things to do

Wiffle Ball

On the Cape May kids page, we are going to list activities that could keep your children occupied during your stay in wonderful Cape May.

With all the shopping and restaurants, Cape May is generally geared towards young adults and above. But, that doesn’t mean there will be nothing for kids. After all, even adults want to bring exuberant youth back into lives.

We all know kids get bored very easily. Vacation is no different! No matter how much fun you may be having…you’re little ones may be rolling their eyes. That’s why we wanted to provide a list of things they (any age really) can do when you are vacationing at the beach.

Most of these are things you already know, but there is nothing like a refresher just to remind you. Print out this list and take it with you if you want. It’s hard to remember everything and you never know what the youngsters may be in the mood to do.

This is stuff for kids when they are actually in Cape May. If you are looking for some things to do outside of Cape May...check out the things to do page. It will give you some ideas that could take up a half day or so.

Cape May Kids - At the Beach

Paddle Ball
Skim Boarding
Fly a Kite
Wiffle Ball
Boogie Boarding
Bocce Ball
Sand Castles
Shell Collecting
Have a Catch
Bury Dad

Cape May Kids - Non Beach

Miniature Golf
Board Games

Everything can be purchased directly in the town of Cape May. While it may be a bit more expensive, at least you don't have to worry about every little thing.

Miniature Golf

There are three mini golf courses, that I know of, throughout Cape May. Two are located on Beach Drive, across from the boardwalk. Both of these are only located a block or so away from each other. And the other is located across the parking lot of Colliers Liquor Store. This is the liquor store you basically run into when you go into Cape May.

The two mini golf’s on Beach Drive do not offer ice cream or snack stands, but the boardwalk is right across Beach Drive. The mini golf near Colliers Liquors offers an ice cream parlor on premises.


There is an arcade directly on the boardwalk. This is a great hang out for Cape May kids. On any given night, you’ll find this place packed and have a lot of fun. They have many games inside from skee ball, video games, to basketball shot games.

Ice Cream

Cape May offers several ice cream parlors and candy shops. So now matter where you stay, one should be in close enough proximity. You can head to the Washington Street Mall, the boardwalk, and a couple are mixed in.

Renting Bikes

You'll be able to find bike rentals all throughout Cape May. If your kids decide to rent bikes, just make sure they stay in a safe area. Cape May does become busy and the streets aren't all that big. So, bikes and cars must share the same space.


A quick tip:
If you bring a ton of things for your kids to do on vacation, yet they still get bored by the 2nd day, here is something to think about. For all of the items listed above, only allow them to do one non-beach per day and two at the beach per day. even let them make up the list! For instance:

Day 1 of your vacation...bring paddle ball and the skim board to the beach and tell them they can go to the arcade at night.

Day 2 of your vacation…bring a kite and wiffle ball to the beach and tell them they can go miniature golfing at night.

Day 3 of your vacation…bring the boogie board and Frisbee to the beach and tell them they can play board games at night.

And so on and so forth...

You can mix and match anything you would like but the point is that kids get bored easy, if you let them do everything on Day 1, they will go through all of it that 1st day and have nothing to look forward to for the rest of the week. They may even get excited and look forward to being able to build sand castles on Day 5. Lay it out for them! Of course, if your Cape May kid finds a liking to one thing…might as well let them do it.

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