Best Views in Cape May

Best views in Cape May?…that’s really tough! Everything in Cape May is such a great view! But we tried to come up with nice sights that offer a little bit of everything, and we’ll even mention a few more.

And when we say, they offer a little bit of everything; we mean they are all different in their own way. They aren’t all just that magnificent ocean view.

But, if you check out these spots, you’ll get a very good idea of what Cape May is all about...

1. Cape May Lighthouse
The Cape May Lighthouse probably gives you the best view in the area because it is the highest. You are only able to see a portion of Cape May City in the distance, but you have a great view of Cape May Point, Sunset Beach, Cape May Point State Park, and the Cape May Point beach. Getting to this view does required going up some steps. Check out the Cape May Lighthouse page for more details on the lighthouse.

2. Sunset Beach
If you like sunsets…there isn’t a better spot then Sunset Beach. Unobstructed views of the sun sinking into the Delaware Bay. This beach is also located within Cape May Point, as is the lighthouse. You can see this beach from the top of the lighthouse. This is definitely one of the best views in Cape May.

3. Martini Beach
If you head out to dinner and want a really nice view…go to the ‘porch’ area at Martini Beach. This will put you on the 2nd floor with a great ocean view overlooking the Cape May boardwalk, beach and ocean. You probably have to make a reservation, so call ahead and request to sit on the porch. You’ll have a great view while eating a meal.

4. Lobster House
If you head out for raw bar type food and a cold beverage…go sit on the Lobster House dock. You’ll be in a marina like setting surrounded by commercial fishing boats and a small harbor. It’s very laid back…there is even a boat they made into a bar. This makes you feel like you are in a shore town!

5. Jackson Street or Perry Street
Both Jackson Street and Perry Street are tree lined streets with Victorian buildings. When you walk along this street you feel like you went back in time. Beautiful architecture along a beautiful street. Several good restaurants and Bed and Breakfasts are located along these streets.

Others worth while…

  • If you stay at any hotel, bed and breakfast, or any other type of lodging that is located along Beach Drive…you’ll have some of the best views in Cape May from the 2nd floor and above.

  • Aleatheas porch for drinks – Large porch with rocking chairs and small bar. You’ll be overlooking Aleateas lawn area, boardwalk, and beach.

  • Ebbit Room porch – Located along the tree lined, Victorian lined Jackson Street. Peaceful and nice.

  • Harpoon Henry’s – North Cape May, Great spot for some food, drinks and great sunsets.

  • Dolphin Tour –This really isn’t a typical view, but go on a dolphin watching tour and you’ll get great views of dolphins up close.

    Do you have a favorite view? Let us know! You can contact us on our contact form.

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