Cape May Beach Tags

I know, Cape May beach tags aren't everyone's favorite part…paying a fee to enter and sometimes annoying checkers. But it's all part of it! And once you get a tag...the day is yours!

The fees do have good intentions, though. Without the fees, the city would have to find other ways to raise money to help keep the beach clean, stocked with lifeguards, and so on and so forth. So it's better to pay then sit on a beach that is unkept. Below are the current rates for Cape May beach tags for the 2008 season.

**All people ages 12 and up are required to have beach tags**

Beach Tag Sign

The City offers various rates depending on how long you would like your's to be valid.

Daily Fee - $4.00
This is obviously just for one day and can generally be purchased from an employee right when you enter.

Three Day Fee - $9.00
Makes sense if you’re staying for a long weekend.

Eight Day Fee (Weekly) - $13.00
This is generally for the weekly vacationers. It allows you to be covered from a Saturday to Saturday. The date of your last permitted use will be imprinted on the tag.

Seasonal Fee - $25.00
This permits access throughout the 2008 season.

I’m not 100% sure if there are actual hours that you are required to have a tag. But the lifeguards and checkers are generally on the beach between 9am and 5pm. Anytime before or after those hours, you don’t generally need one. So if you wanted to go for a nice beach stroll early morning or later in the evening, you shouldn’t be hassled.

Depending on where you will be staying…some hotels/bed & breakfasts/rentals offer tags included in your rental fee and will give you them upon arrival. So, check out if they are included. If not, the tags can be purchased at the City Hall and at the beach when you enter. The City Hall address is 643 Washington Street, Cape May, NJ 08204.

The City staggers the openings of various areas of their beaches. After June 28, 2008 all beaches will be open daily. Now, this doesn’t mean they ever close. It just means this is when the lifeguards on are duty. You can go to the beach anytime if you would like.

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