Tisha's in Cape May, NJ - Fine Dining Restaurant

So this is our favorite restaurant, Tisha's in Cape May, NJ.

Tishas Maybe it’s the atmosphere, maybe it’s the food, or maybe it’s just perfect for us. You begin the journey to Tisha’s by walking along the boardwalk towards the beach. The small Tisha’s sign provides an indication of what lies ahead. Small, intimate, relaxed. You enter the doors and look into a comfortable yet stylish design of a small dining room and place your name with the hostess.

Update....Tisha's has moved!! Oh no! Apparently the area where Tisha's used to be...right next to the Covention Center is being demolished and a new Convention Center will be constructed. They have moved to the Washington Street Mall. No more ocean views!

The hostess prepares to take your beverage of choice, it is BY OB, and for us it is typically a large bottle of red wine. You may wait a few minutes before your table is ready, but that is fine, as you get to wait outside along the beach, and they kindly hand you a glass of your red wine.

Tishas 1

Your name is called, you proceed to your table, for us, it is generally outside. If you go while the sun is setting, you’ll get a nice view.

The server comes to hand you’re their menu. The menu isn’t overly extensive but has a nice array of dishes. You order a couple of appetizers and a couple of entrees then kick back with some conversation and wine. Some of our favorites have been the crab cakes, lobster risotto, and bbq shrimp! The shrimp are on the messy side, so be careful if you are on a date. And then you need dessert, of course! Chocolate fondue is fun!

The pricing seems to be in line with other similar style restaurants within the area. The appetizers seems to be around $10 and the entrees can be from the mid $20's into the low $30's.

I guess our opinion of Tisha’s is based on everything it offers and everything it doesn’t. We don’t need glitz or glamour, just good food, with a nice atmosphere and Tisha’s provides that. So when you come to Cape May, NJ, go and check this restaurant out, you may find it meets your needs as well.

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